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Are You In Debt?

If you're in debt now and you have no idea where to get the money, then this post is for you. First of all, start by going back to my post on "Manifest Money on a Time Crunch." As it goes hand in hand with this.

Secondly, make sure you are taking care of your own well-being. I understand it can feel scary and your mind can wander to the worst-case scenario. Your emotions are a result of your thoughts, so we need to be working on the emotional aspect along with the mindset.

Emotional aspect, look after your mental health. Create mental health and physical health toolkit. So a mental health toolkit could be meditation, deep breathing exercise, and more. A physical health toolkit could be an exercise routine, skincare routine, etc... You want to be able to manage your emotions so that they don't get in the way of your thoughts, but you also want to control your thoughts so they don't manifest into unwanted feelings.

I have an Instagram post on managing emotions, specifically anxiety.

Legal Disclaimer: I am NOT a mental health professional.

As for the mindset, the reason you get thoughts that create these emotions is:

1) It is a reflection of your dominant state and dominant thoughts surrounding finances

2) You move away from who you are - The creator of your own Universe. If you were literally writing a story now, would you have anxious thoughts about the character's situation? NO. You know that you're the one holding the pen and the only one in control. So remind yourself who the fuck you are!

How to remember who you are?

- Create a list of 10-30 things that make you feel in control

- Step in these moments to change your mindset: Getting a reflection of your dominant state is an OPPORTUNITY. This is your chance to change things for good. Not just to clear that debt, but to live an abundant lifestyle. This is when you identify what your money beliefs are to create new assumptions.

- Reminder: Nothing that is happening now is an indication as to what is happening next. We are jumping in and out of realities all the time. Things shift in an instant, for better or worse, that is your decision.

Living in The End

Your job is not to figure out if it will work out, or where is the money, or how. Your job is to move to the end fully. It has already been paid for, if you were writing a story now, how would you describe the character's life, feelings, and thoughts now that they are financially free?

Never take no for an answer, if you have to, revise the moment you got into debt. Don't wait until more and more events take place. Go to the source and change the story from there. You are the power of the world. NO buts or what ifs or how or when. When? It already happened. Now be the version of you who has the money that they want as much as they want.

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